No matter which college you go to, you are going to have parties that have similarities and differences. They can also be held at a variety of places that include basements, large outside parties, or in a frat house. Spring break is also another popular place that you will find college co-eds partying in to all hours of the night. Often times you will find that those who are throwing the party decided to choose some sort of a theme in order to make the party a bit more exciting. There are even some parties that have their main focus outside and have kegs and slip and slides. Below we have laid out some of the quick tips that can help you enjoy the parties that you do go to and it will give you some idea of what to expect.

Learning About College Parties

The first thing you need to know about them is that they are all going to be different, but there are still going to be some similarities between them. You will start by finding at least one keg, if not quite a few, along with a host of drinking games and a variety of other alcohol. The goal is to take some of the pressure of a long college day out of your mind and have a little fun for the night.

Kegs are always going to be something that just about every college party needs. Even more so if you want everyone to have the option to do keg stands. One keg is about equal to 24 beers, and they are preferred because they are usually the cheapest way to get the most alcohol. Let’s face it, you always want to be practical with your budget and still have a great party. Also it makes cleaning up the party practical as well, since plastic cups are way easier to clean up than bottles.

Drinking Games for College Parties

College drinking games are those games that most people use to socialize and consume alcohol, and generally let loose a bit. Some of the more well known choices are flip cup and beer pong. There are also some lesser known games like wisest wizard and frisbeer. They can become extremely competitive as you can imagine when you have a lot of people in the mix, some people are better at losing than others.

The Negative Side of College Parties

You can ignore it all you want, but there are usually going to be some negative aspects to these college parties. The first being the enormous hangover that you are going to face the day after. You might also have people fighting at these parties, or people that tend to gain weight when they go to party after party. You can also end up doing something that you are going to regret. The important way to dodge most of these things is to know your limit when it comes to alcohol consumption. You are responsible for how much alcohol you have that night.