1. Believe it or not, you will most likely put on a lot of weight your first year in college. Watch what you are eating and how much of it you are eating.

2. Pizza can be a great and affordable option once in a while, but watch how much you eat.

3. If you are stuck with getting a loan or quitting school, go with the loan.

4. If dorm life comes easy for you, you can do anything you set your mind to.

5. Always wear flip flops when you are in the dorm showers.

6. Make sure you go to class in person, and then use the Internet class for a review option.

7. If you have trouble getting up in the morning, don’t schedule morning classes.

8. Socialize on campus, and get involved. If you don’t socialize at all, you will regret it.

9. Don’t socialize too much and forget to focus on your studies.

10. The college counseling department is always there to help if you feel like you are being overwhelmed with something in your life or the whole college experience. If suicidal thoughts cross your mind get in touch with the college crisis team or call 911.

11. Free activities on campus are great, make sure to take advantage when the opportunity is there.

12. A lot of colleges offer tutoring for free, utilize that.

13. Always try to sit in the front of the classroom.




14. Make sure that you attend the entire class, from start to finish, no matter how bored you might be. Some professors reward those that stay with vital information at the end of class.

15. Go over your notes after your class is over, that way they stick.

16. Even though you are 18 years of age, you can still have your parents contacted if you are caught drinking while you are under the age of 21.

17. Don’t be one of those people that does something stupid that is on their permanent record, it is just simply not worth it.

18. Get registered for classes as soon as you can, those that register early are going to have priority.

19. Try out your first semester before you start to think about getting a job. Don’t want to overwhelm yourself.

20. Get a bank account from a bank that is both in your college town and your home town. That way you and your parents will have an easy time with getting money to one another.

21. Try to get direct deposit and automatic withdrawals with your pay checks and loan checks. This will help you not lose any of your money.

22. Make sure you have firewalls and anti-virus protection on your computers and laptops.

23. The student bookstore is going to be a great place to get discounts on software and hardware.

24. You may not want a car your first semester or two, as parking and other expenses associated with a car can be a pain.

25. You usually only need about half of the clothes that you think you need for college.

26. If you have a lot of underwear, you won’t have to do laundry as often.

27. When you are doing laundry, try and stay with the laundry from start to finish if you can. That way no one can take your laundry.

28. Introduce yourself to your college professors and find out what their office hours are as soon as possible. Also make sure to get help from them when you need it or just visit to discuss something, most professors love when students show interest.

29. The career resource center at your college is really there to help. It is a free service that will help you decide what you want to do with your life.

30. Don’t leave candles or anything else burning in your dorm or off campus apartment, bad things tend to happen when situations like that come up.

31. Sharing your dorm with another person can be a pain if you are a messy person and they are not, or the other way around. Try and work it out with your roommate and make an effort to meet them half way. Also make sure leftover food is gone when it needs to be, that can just be gross.

32. Try to stay on campus as many weekends as you can. If you are someone that is homesick and making every trip that they can back home, you have a great chance of missing the best days of your college life.

33. Flu shots on a yearly basis are a great idea.

34. Condoms are a must-use every time.

35. Relationships that are long distance are going to be extremely hard to maintain.

36. If you feel like you shouldn’t be somewhere or doing something, just stop what you are doing and get out of there, there is absolutely no shame in that.

37. Give your parents some slack on the whole “hovering too much” dilemma. They have taken care of you your whole life, and it can be hard for them to just let you go and be your own adult.

38. Make sure that you are being reasonable about any things that you are going to tell your roommate about that bother you about them. Try and work out a compromise and talk to them about it in a friendly manner. If nothing can be worked out, you can always speak with the resident assistant.

39. Friends that become roommates that knew each other before college don’t always make the best match. You might learn things about them that you never knew, and living with someone is completely different than knowing them.

40. Be aware, and never walk home alone in the dark of night. Try and have friends around you at all times, and many colleges even have programs where you can get someone to walk with you back to your dorm.

41. Don’t always do something just because you are able to.

42. Flashcards are simply amazing and they are a great way to study. Quiz yourself with them and try and get someone else to do it with you. Sometimes when it is just you doing the quizzing for yourself you skip over some stuff.

43. You don’t need to know your major right away, in fact there are students that are older than you who still don’t know their major either. The best thing to do is try and hash things out with an academic advisor as soon as you can.

44. Make sure that you only use your dining pass for yourself. If you are constantly treating your friends you will be giving up money basically.

45. Study groups are a great idea, but more than 5 people and it gets complicated and turns into a social gathering.

46. If you are someone that has ADHD or other learning disabilities you want to apply for accommodations as soon as you can, even right after you found out you were accepted.

47. Don’t underestimate the amount of sleep that you need.

48. Wash your hands as much as possible, when you share living space it can mean a lot of germs.

49. Don’t just cut out your old friends from back home, but also don’t be afraid to meet some new people and make some new friends as well.

50. Enjoy your time in college, after all it really only happens once and it will be a time that you tell everyone about for years to come.