Dorm life in college might seem like it would be something that is extremely hard to deal with, but if you follow a few simple suggestions you can get through it and make the most of it. Keep in mind that this type of arrangement is only going to be temporary, it is not going to last forever. Also worst comes to worst you can always switch roommates or rooms.

Getting Along With Your Roommate

There is usually not a chance that you and your roommate are going to agree on everything, that is just not logical. You will have disagreements, but it is how you deal with them that will bring you and your roommate closer as friends. This is the person that you are going to have to share space with for the rest of your dorm life, and you need them to get along with you, otherwise you will just add on stress that is not needed.

Laying Down the Dorm Rules Quickly

Find some of the rules of the dorm with your roommate that you agree with each other, and then you can work on the things you don’t agree on one by one. One big one is having people over to the dorm. Talk about what is acceptable as far as bringing guests in the dorm and having them spend the night. If you are having people spend the night, make sure that you are courteous and quite so you don’t wake your roommate. A college student needs all of the sleep they can get.

Clothing is another issue that comes up, but it is more often with the college girls since most guys don’t share clothes. A lot of college students have problems with their roommates borrowing clothes and then returning them damaged or not at all. Make sure that your roommate knows whether or not they can borrow your clothes. If you say yes, you need them to know that they still have to ask you first for each piece and that it must be returned in the same condition it was in before they took it. Obviously accidents happen, but then they can do right by you and pay for the piece of clothing.

Food sharing can be another issue that might come up as well. One roommate will almost always have more food than the other. Make sure that each roommate knows the rules when it comes to food and whether or not they can have some. There are even extreme cases where food has had to be locked away from the other roommate.