College guys normally don’t have a whole lot to watch out for besides making sure they get to class and do well with their studies. No more parents telling them what to do. There are going to be some classes that a guy might be in that are 95% female, and that can be a bit overwhelming for some guys at first. Really the only things though that a college guy needs to worry about are his health, his grades, and his reputation.

Join an organization, club, or fraternity. Guys like girls, and one of the best way to meet girls and other male friends is by joining up with these groups. It can be a great experience that you will never forget. Not only does this help you meet girls, but it also helps you network with a lot of other students and make some life long friends. They can also help you find parties and that kind of stuff as well. The people that know a lot of people are going to always be at the best parties, and the best parties are where the girls will be as well.

Always look for parties that are going to have more girls than guys. Those that have high girl to guy ratio majors are going to have a much better chance at meeting a lot of these girls too. This is your chance to meet a lot of single girls that are around your age that are looking to hang out with someone that is a lot of fun. If you are always hanging around with a bunch of dudes and not a lot of women, you are lowering your chances of meeting a nice woman.

Be confident with yourself and try new things. College guys should always be wanting to hang out with new people and trying a variety of different things. You are only young once, and you don’t want to miss your opportunity to have some fun. This is also the time when you are becoming the man that you want to be, so make sure that you are positive and finding your way in life. Socializing with other people is going to be a huge confidence booster and it will help you make important connections.

Your reputation is a big key to your success in college. Once you get the reputation of being mean to the girls that you hang out with, you are not easily going to shake off that reputation. You need to make sure that the man you are is the man you want to be. This should always be a gentleman. Those that treat girls badly are going to have it come full circle and get a reputation that will turn their college days into bad ones. Also, girls talk, and if you are a jerk to one of them the rest of them are going to hear about it and you will have a hard time getting a date.

Condoms are something that you must have on you at all times. You never know when the moment is going to be right and a spontaneous relationship has emerged. It was proven that a little more than 1 out of every 5 college students is going to have an STD, and you don’t want to be one of those students. Make sure that you use protection and enjoy the time with your partner in a safe manner. If you made a mistake and didn’t use one, make sure to get tested as soon as possible.

Don’t start drama and get into a fight over a girl. There are plenty of girls on campus and off campus, and chances are you will meet another girl that you like as well. You can get a mark on your permanent record for fighting, and that is something that nobody wants. Just keep in mind that if you are not fighting, you have a better chance at getting a girl to notice you.