Address: 222 Langdon St.
President: Chris Strommen
Chapter GPA: 2.937
Local Website:

The main purpose of Acacia Fraternity is “to strengthen the ties of friendship; one with another”. With this in mind, the members of Acacia are able to share a unique bond with each other and gain experiences only an Acacian can be a part of. Acacia Fraternity is a group of men, working together, playing together, and helping each other through these unforgettable years we spend in college. The friendships gained through Acacia will last a lifetime.

No man wants to join an organization he cannot enjoy. At Acacia we believe that although obtaining a quality education is essential, college is also a time for experiencing the real world. The fraternity teaches us, through various experiences, to establish and build not only personal relationships but also professional contacts. Through Acacia parties, formals, and philanthropies we are able share memorable times with our brothers and friends. By participating in city, school, and Greek events, Acacians have the opportunity to take a more active part in the affairs of their community. The fraternity also allows us to make social connections with the alumni and members of other chapters that can last well past graduation.

We all know that our primary purpose of being at college is to earn a bachelors or masters degree whether it be in nursing, criminal justice or cyber security.Those who are interested in learning more information about these types of degrees can look here. Acacia offers many academic resources such as tutoring in nearly any field of study, in house study room, ADSL internet access to every room, an academic scholarship, and group study hours. Our pledge program also insures that each pledge has an older member to help him get acclimated to both the college academic scene and our fraternity.

Real World Experience
At Acacia we realize everything in life cannot be learned through books. We believe that taking an active part in the affairs of the fraternity is an amazing leadership development tool, teaches valuable time management skills, and greatly enhances an individualĂ­s organizational abilities. By holding leadership positions, joining committees, and organizing house events an Acacian continues his education outside of the classroom, through hard work and dedication to his fraternity.