210 Langdon St.
Chapter GPA: 3.206
Chapter GPA Rank: 5

Alpha Epsilon (www.aepi.org) Pi is a nationally recognized Jewish fraternity that was originally founded under the arches of Washington Square Park on the campus of the City College of New York in 1913. In the fraternity’s 88 year history, over 72,000 men, including famous alumni such as Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel, and Richard Lewis, have worn the badge of Alpha Epsilon Pi. Our chapter has thrived both on the UW campus and according to the national standard. With over 70 brothers, we maintain one of the largest brotherhoods within the UW community and within the AEPi National Organization. We hope you will join us and continue in the long standing and nationally recognized commitment to excellence that is Alpha Epsilon Pi.

It is a common misconception that fraternities are only concerned with partying. While we do believe that college is a time to enjoy oneself, our brotherhood is devoted to “the real reason” we come to UW-Madison and hold ourselves to the highest of academic standards. Living by the axiom “work hard, play hard”, we maintain the highest GPA of any fraternity on campus and celebrate our successes on the weekends. Upon graduation, many of our brothers go on to top law, medical, and graduate schools.

To many people, one of the most attractive aspects of a fraternity is the exciting social atmosphere it provides. Not only does the fraternity sponsor campus-wide parties attended by hundreds of students, but we also have many special events including unforgettable Halloween parties, socials with sororities, and elegant formals. We are devoted to making college the most memorable four years for our brothers.

Extracurricular Activities
As well as being in the fraternity, all of our brothers spend time getting involved in the numerous activities and clubs available at UW. Some of our brothers are involved in ASM – the student government body here as UW; while others actively participate on the Interfraternity Council, Homecoming Committee, Risk Management and Insurance Society, and student newspapers and radio stations. No matter what the endeavor, we support our brothers in all that they are involved in.

Staying in shape while enjoying college life is essential. One of the best ways to accomplish this is via participation in intramural sports. AEPi organizes house teams for various university intramural sports for brothers who are interested. Brothers of all athletic ability are always encouraged to participate and have a good time on one of our teams.

Community Service
Alpha Epsilon Pi would not truly be a fraternal organization if we did not provide service for our community. Philanthropy is an active concern for all members of the fraternity. In past years, brothers have put in more than one hundred hours supporting the National Tay Sachs & Allied Disease Association, along with helping local children and the surrounding community. Last year, our Pi chapter raised more than $3,000 for the UW arboretum while also breaking a Guinness Book record for the longest aluminum can chain in our Grab Your Cans Event. It is our belief that not only is this type of service philanthropic, but also allows us to develop brotherhood, unity, leadership skills, and a sense of unselfishness that will serve us after graduation.

Membership in a fraternity includes both giving of oneself and receiving from others. It is simply not a matter of partying together, but rather it means always having brothers to fall back upon in both good and bad times. Many memorable events, including weekend retreats, paintball outings, and baseball games are scheduled around the sole purpose of brotherhood and spending time with the fraternity. Brotherhood reaches far beyond one’s stay at UW as brothers work together, live together, and remain friends for life.

Alpha Epsilon Pi’s colors are Gold and Blue.

Membership Dues
Incoming freshmen dues are $500 a semester.

Matt Bronstein — Recruitment Chair
Ben Lazarov– President