Nickname: Beta
Address: 622 Mendota Court
Rush info: Call Charlie Todd at (715) 572-3217 or Nick Norton at (612) 616-4747
Founded: Nationally in 1839, At Wisconsin in 1873
Chapter GPA: 3.071
Chapter GPA Rank: 13

Pledge Policy:
Our pledge period lasts about 9 weeks. It involves education in the history and traditions of Beta, as well as participation in all of our social, ritual, and philanthropic events. The pledge period is a lot of fun without be ing too time consuming or costly and the experiences that come with it are irreplaceable . We also respect all other academic and extracurricular commitments, pledging Beta only adds to that once in a lifetime college experience .

We play intramural flag football, soccer, basketball, and softball. We like to be competitive but also don’t take it too seriously, we are big fans of the trick play and any member is welcome on the team.

Our chapter is the oldest Fraternity on campus, and our mansion on the lake is the perfect place to spend our college years. We have a diverse group of members, coming from all over the country and having a variety of interests and academic majors. Beta is not the biggest or wealth iest house on campus, but we take pride in being a well-rounded and respectable group of college men. Check out Beta today!