Basically the older that you get in college, the easier it is going to be to find parties. Experience is going to play a big role in your party finding, but you also have to know the right people. Find other people that like to party and that have similar values as yourself. You can also assume that good looking freshman college girls will know where the parties are too, because chance are some older guy already invited them.

Getting Into A College Party

One of the best ways to meet people and get involved at your college is by getting involved in different things at school. This will help you get to know people and find where the parties are going to be at for that night. If you don’t want to join a fraternity or sorority, you can always join other organizations or clubs that are at your school. It is best to just get out there and meet people, you can’t expect to just go through college without socializing.

Make sure that you are not just rolling up to a party with a large group of guys. Chances are you won’t be let in the party. Every guy should try and find a girl that is willing to hang out and go to the party. Otherwise you are probably going to be excluded from it anyways. Also, the later it gets in the semester the more parties are going to be known to you, and how you can get in.

Mistakes To Avoid

One quick mistake that you don’t want to make is complaining about the $5 price it costs to drink for the night. It may not be the best environment that you are drinking in, but $5 for all of your drinking is still a great price and no one should be complaining about it. Those that go to bars can tell you that $5 gets you about a half an hour worth of drinking.

If you can, avoid bringing your jacket to the party. It is a hassle trying to carry it around and even more of a hassle trying to find it when you are ready to finally leave the party. If you are worried about being warm during the party keep yourself occupied and engaged, and you won’t even remember that you didn’t bring one.

Don’t try and get into it with the people that are throwing the party or try to get into the party when you were not invited by anyone. A lot of party people will take offense if you are trying to get into a party that you were clearly not invited to. Keep in mind that it is best to just leave it be and walk away if they say you can’t get into the party, because inside there are a lot of drunk people that can get into it with you.

Last But Not Least

Make sure that you are choosing the right shoes for the place that you are going to party. If it is a basement with beer everywhere, you would be shocked how quickly beer all over the floor can ruin your favorite pair of shoes. If you are someone that likes to wear sandals, you can only imagine what that can turn into. Just plan accordingly. Also, if you can, get a little buzzed before you get to the party. Just make sure that you are drinking beer and not liquor, you don’t want to have too much to drink before you even leave for the party.