Nickname: The Delts
Address: 12 Langdon Street
President: Max Perkins
Local Website:

“Committed to Lives of Excellence.” The Beta Gamma chapter of Delta Tau Delta International Fraternity was founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1888, and has been focused on furthering the college experiences of its members ever since. “The Delts” have an established record of attracting individuals who have something exceptional to offer the University community or our fraternity, ranging from incredible intellectual capability to outstanding character. As a result, Delta Tau Delta is established as one of the strongest groups of leaders not only within the Greek system, but anywhere on campus, a status which was recognized by the University when Delta Tau Delta was one of only two fraternities to receive the “Chapter of Excellence” award.

DTD’s presence on campus offers great opportunities for new members to get involved on campus in areas outside the fraternity. Delts’ involvement includes members on the Interfraternity Council Executive Board, a Managing Editor of the Badger Herald, an Associate Justice of ASM (UW’s Student Government), a member of the College Republicans Executive Board, the founders of Sconnie Tours and Energ-E Bikes, several members on the selective Wisconsin Alumni Student Board (WASB) and Homecoming Committee, and WISPIRG.

Many members are also heavily involved within DTD, participating in Intramural Sports, Homecoming, Trick or Treat with the Greeks, and Greek Week, as well as UW Humoroligy, which DTD’s team has won three consecutive years. Members go on annual trips to road football games and formal events in Chicago and the Wisconsin Dells, which offer an opportunity to experience fun outside of the Madison Campus. In addition, DTD is currently looking to grow in size, which will offer a unique opportunity for new members to attain positions of influence and leadership within the house.

Our house serves as a stunning example of how a group of people can come together and accomplish a shared goal. Our new dock on Lake Mendota is a fine addition to our newly remodeled house. Over a million dollars went into the complete renovation of our beautiful 12 Langdon property, providing Delta Tau Delta with some of the finest accommodations on campus. The renovation converted our entire house into separate apartments, with the first floor serving as a large fraternity commons. Because of our apartment style living, we also do not need the mandatory live-in requirements that many fraternities have on campus.

Delta Tau Delta strives to serve as a model for what a college experience should be. We are gentlemen, scholars and, athletes. Our house offers great chances for leadership, opportunities in community service, a wonderful and diverse social life. Our network of friends and alumni also help to provide a support system, which makes it possible for our members achieve success in college, and in life after graduation. The men of Delta Tau Delta invite you to stop by anytime during your SOAR program this summer, or when you arrive on campus in the fall, and we look forward to meeting you! The house is always full with something going on, making the trip to 12 Langdon always worth it.

If you have any questions, or would like to come and meet the brothers anytime during the summer or fall, feel free to contact contact Konrad Krebs, Ryan Bossler, or Corey Chamberlin, contact information is listed below. Don’t forget to join our rush group on facebook: