Address: 200 Langdon St.
President: Brad Bartel
Chapter GPA: 3.103

Truth, Honor, and Personal Integrity
For over 90 years, the Kappa Chapter of Chi Phi Fraternity has been an important part of the University of Wisconsin. From our beginnings in 1911 as the Red Triangle Society to our founding within Chi Phi in 1916, our proud history spoke for itself through consistent high-academic achievement and leadership on the University of Wisconsin campus. With more than 1,400 initiates, the Kappa Chapter has influenced the lives of numerous men and cultivated lasting friendships and experiences. The Kappa Chapter of Chi Phi endeavors to create an environment where young men can learn and live a connected, yet respectable Greek lifestyle as a student at the University of Wisconsin.

Chi Phi is known for being one of the oldest social fraternities in the country. Our roots go all the way back to 1824, where our founding fathers established the Chi Phi values of Truth, Honor, and Personal Integrity. Today, we at the Kappa Chapter strive to live up to these values through academics, philanthropy, and involvement in the Greek, UW, and Madison communities. We also have several intramural sports teams and all of our members are expected to participate in at least one university student organization, extracurricular activity, or job.

If you are interested in rush, feel free to stop by our house at 200 Langdon St. at anytime. Any of our brothers would be happy to show you around our storied house and tell you about our fraternity. Contact Recruitment Chair Joe Keeler for more information: