Chapter GPA: 3.30
Chapter Rank: 5
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Phi Kappa Psi is a social fraternity built upon the great joy of serving others. The fraternity was first established by William Henry Letterman and Charles Paige Thomas Moore on the campus of Jefferson College, after they selflessly aided their classmates when the campus was hit by an epidemic of influenza. Since then, Phi Psi has established 108 chapters and 6 colonies at universities across the country.
The Wisconsin Alpha Colony was created in the spring of 2011. As a colony, we are currently in the process of obtaining a chapter, which allows the members of the colony to establish a fraternity based upon their own ideals and goals. Becoming a member of a colony gives you an opportunity to become a founding father of a fraternity on campus and provides you with many other useful skills that you will use in college and life.

Academics are an integral part of our mission at Madison and we have consistently ranked among the top 5 fraternities on campus for highest GPA. Academic success is not only recognized but rewarded here at Phi Psi, as members are able to apply for scholarships up to $50,000. Additionally, Phi Psi offers brother many academic support programs to ensure success at this institution.

Our fraternity was founded upon the joy of serving others; which is why we dedicated many hours to philanthropy and community service. The Boys and Girls Club is our national service partner, and every week we send brothers to chapters across Madison to volunteer. Additionally, we host philanthropy events to raise money for charities and organizations around Madison.

Phi Psi is above all a social fraternity and we take many steps to be involved socially within the community. Phi Psi has partnered with other chapters in the past and has held many social events both for fun and to raise money for charity. We are very active in student organizations and intermurals on campus and encourage our brothers to participate in the many opportunities that UW-Madison has to offer.