Chapter GPA: 3.079
Chapter GPA Rank: 10

Phi Kappa Sigma is a relatively new fraternity on campus. While new, Phi Kappa Sigma subscribes to the old fraternity values of honor, academic excellence, service to the community, and holding its members to a higher standard of conduct. Phi Kappa Sigma won the honor of highest grade point average for fraternities in the fall of 2008, as well as the highest grade point average for new members. Phi Kappa Sigma, while open to people of all backgrounds, looks for those who are dedicated to improving themselves and the community through enriching experience in academics, service, and leadership. This can all be seen in Phi Kappa Sigma’s mission statement: “We exist to integrate scholastic excellence; community enrichment; and principled, effective leadership among reputable men. Through both fellowship and fraternity, our members persistently endeavor towards their individual and collective aspirations. Ultimately, we recruit, develop and yield “Men of Honor.”