Chapter GPA: 3.063
Chapter GPA Rank: 13

Phi Kappa Tau was founded in 1906 by a group of men who were motivated to create a new, more productive fraternity. They strived to instill a celebration of the individual, and the idea that when men of character and dignity come together and are allowed to personally express themselves and offer diversity, brilliant things can happen. Here on the campus of the University of Wisconsin, that mission is living itself out in the Omega chapter of the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity. We find ourselves on an extremely prestigious campus, but also a campus that turns a skeptical eye towards fraternities. We strive to maintain a fraternity that is not only personally rewarding and gratifying for the student, but one that gives back to the community that we call home during our academic stay.

Roughly 10% of the student body is associated with the Greek system here at the UW. Here at Phi Kappa Tau, we believe that the fraternity experience is not a seclusion from the outlying student body, but a means of engaging ourselves within that structure with greater productivity, through building leadership skills and encouraging the academic achievement of one another. We believe strongly in democracy, in that true democracy is only experienced when all are represented in decision-making and developing a collective eye towards the future. Even the newest member of Phi Kappa Tau will find himself with a strong voice. This occurs not only through the opportunity to voice yourself at will, but being put in positions that enable you to join the democratic process through more intense discussions and brainstorming.

You are student first, and a member of Phi Kappa Tau second, although strength in one facet always builds your stature in the other. Phi Kappa Tau is not interested in making you a better man, and selling our friendship through semester dues and house duties. Phi Kappa Tau is not an assimilating structure intent on fitting you into previously adopted ideals and personalities. Through retaining our individual worth, we make each other better. Where one brother lacks, another brother always excels. In this sense, Phi Kappa Tau is a microcosm of the learning community that the University of Wisconsin has strived to create. We must teach ourselves that personal growth only comes from honesty towards yourself. This honesty involves not compromising your individuality, but also acknowledging your involvement in a community, whatever that may be, and knowing that others in that community have the ability to make you a person of stronger character and moral fiber.

Phi Kappa Tau is committed to not only philanthropy, but community service that engages us with the community around us through action and assistance. We have worked with the Vilas Zoo, the Leukemia Society, the Stoughton Youth Center, and several other local-based organizations just in the last year alone. Our philanthropic organization is the Hole in the Wall Gang, a summer camp created for underprivileged children with terminal illnesses, founded by Paul Newman, a Phi Kappa Tau alumni, and award-winning actor. Our house is located at 306 S. Broom, but brothers of Phi Kappa Tau live all across the area. The phone number is 251-1152. Feel free to call with questions, or to find out about upcoming social events so you can make your own impression of us.