Recruitment: Year round
First Year Costs: $200 New Member Fee, $300 Dues
Founded: March 1, 1868; now the largest fraternity with 215 chapters internationally.
Chapter GPA: 3.063
Chapter GPA Rank: 14

A Pike is a Scholar
Pi Kappa Alpha realizes that students enroll in college, first and foremost, to get an education and improve their futures. Consistent with this philosophy, we place a high importance on scholarship and educating our members on all aspects of life, thereby setting our members up for success within the classroom and later in life. Pi Kappa Alpha members also enjoy substantial academic benefits provided by the Educational Foundation.

A Pike is a Leader
Leadership is the key to the success of both Pi Kappa Alpha and its individual members. We provide a valuable arena for developing and honoring leadership skills that will benefit individuals member throughout life. We promote leadership through campus involvement and positions of leadership. On a international level, unique opportunities are offered in leadership training through 16 Regional Leadership Conferences, the Officers Leadership Academy, and the Chapter Presidents Conferences.

A Pike is a Athlete
Athletic competition provides valuable benefits to students because it involves people challenging each other to perform at their highest levels. We are dedicated to inspiring our members to perform their best in everything they do. We believe that through competition our members will build teamwork skills fundamental to success, bolster unity, and improve the quality of their college experience. Whether it be through varsity athletics, intramurals, or simply sharing in the experience by supporting other members, athletics can fill in the missing pieces in classroom learning to create the overall college experience.

A Pike is a Gentleman
Six standout gentlemen started our Fraternity in 1868. Today we continue their tradition by recruiting the best men. We pride ourself on the fact that we’re composed solely of members who are respectful of themselves and others. Producing quality gentlemen is the most important aspect of the Fraternity.

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