Chapter GPA: 3.223
Chapter GPA Rank: 3

Sigma Phi, founded at Union College in 1827, is the oldest Greek letter social fraternity. While Sigma Phi was the first to establish a branch chapter, it has remained small by choice. At Wisconsin, Sigma Phi maintains the tradition of a small to medium sized chapter, with membership kept at about 25. This size is ideal in maintaining a close feeling of friendship among brothers, while at the same time perfect for participation in campus and fraternity activities. The chapter at the University of Wisconsin was established in 1908 and is one of ten national chapters. Other chapters where Sigma Phi can be found are private schools such as Cornell and Lehigh, as well as state universities such as Michigan, Vermont, Virginia, and California .

One of the most attractive aspects the Wisconsin chapter of Sigma Phi is our historic house. The residence house was Madison’s first national historic landmark. Featuring single, double, and triple bedrooms as well as a full time cook, a great dining room, living room and basement/bar area, our house is the nicest on campus.

In addition to our great house, Sigma Phi maintains an active social calendar while consistently being one of the best fraternities academically. Significant scholarly achievements of the Alpha of Wisconsin include:
Sigma Phi National Academic Achievement Award in the 2003-2004 school year
2005-2006 All Greek Award: Highest Fraternity Chapter GPA
2005-2006 All Greek Award: Highest New Member Class GPA,
2006-2007 All Greek Award: Highest Overall Chapter GPA,
2006-2007 All Greek Award: Highest Active Member GPA.
The Alpha of Wisconsin received $33,000 in 2006 from the national Sigma Phi Viele Scholarship Trust, which makes grants available to brothers who have proven scholarship, financial need as well as a demonstrated commitment to Sigma Phi. For brothers living in the Sigma Phi house, they are automatically eligible for the Sigma Phi Scholars in Residence Scholarship, which awards $1000 to students with a 3.0 GPA or greater. We sincerely welcome you to check out our fraternity; we are confident that you will like what you see.
Sigma Phi Society
106 North Prospect Avenue
Madison , WI 53705

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