Sigma Phi Epsilon Wisconsin Beta is on the University of Wisconsin Madison campus at: 237 Langdon St. Madison , WI 53703 . For more information please see our webpage at
Chapter GPA: 3.101
Chapter GPA Rank: 9

Membership fees: $400 for new members, $475 for junior actives (2nd semester), decreases $50 per semester until graduation.

Philanthropy information: Our men have put in over 1000 Hours of community service per semester. Our principle philanthropy event is called Tour de Touchdown, which takes place in the fall semester. An away football game destination is selected and members take turns riding a bicycle from Madison to the destination to deliver the game ball. Donations come from pledges collected by the members, business sponsorships, and fund raising events. This philanthropy event raises over $10,000 per year for the UW Children’s Hospital. We also participate in Meals on Wheels on a weekly basis and participate in other fraternity/sorority-sponsored events.

Scholarship information: We currently give out $6,000 a year in scholarships to freshmen and sophomore males through our Balanced Man Scholarship program. Along with our numerous in house scholarships, these scholarships are awarded during our semesterly Balanced Man Banquet. The Balanced Man Scholarships are given to those freshmen and sophomore males who have demonstrated a dedication to a balanced life. In-house scholarships are given out each semester for the academic brother of the semester, most improved GPA, and brother of the year.

Academic Information: Excellent house academics are strongly encouraged and certain programs have been implemented to help with academics. Our house GPA is currently 3.16. One program used in the house is a tutoring program where members volunteer their services in subjects of expertise to other members, especially new members. We also recognize A-exams and papers weekly at chapter and have compiled a test bank in which members can look at old exams/notes.

Virtue: Standing aggressively for honesty in all walks of life. Speaking cleanly, playing cleanly, and living cleanly. Whenever possible, opposing lawlessness and vice.
Diligence: Striving to make anything of value worthy to others. Scorning difficulty and persevering to the accomplishments on one’s tasks.
Brotherly Love: True friendships. Aiding a brother in times of need, whatever the circumstances.
Balanced Man Ideal: As brothers we strive to be balanced men and achieve the Balanced Man Ideal of the leader, scholar, athlete, and gentlemen.