Chapter GPA: 2.839
Chapter GPA Rank: 20

The Tau Chapter of Sigma Pi Fraternity has recently returned to the University of Wisconsin-Madison after being gone for almost 70 years. Since our colonization last spring, Sigma Pi has had a tremendous impact on campus. Sigma Pi currently resides at one of the most beautiful houses in Madison. This mansion is located at 16 Langdon Street and was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Prospective Member Information:
Students who choose to rush Sigma Pi will be afforded a very unique experience. Because of our recent chartering, new members will be some of the first pledges of Tau Chapter. Therefore, you will become some of the first people to pave the way for future members. Also, with the Chapter’s young age you will have the ability to have a direct impact from a leadership standpoint within the Fraternity and within your pledge class. These opportunities make being involved with Sigma Pi more than just a regular fraternity experience. Not only do we have one of the lowest semester dues on campus but during your pledging semester as a new member you are exempt from paying them! We hope that you find these opportunities exciting and we look forward to welcoming dedicated and enthusiastic students to our Fraternity.

Involvement and Accomplishments:
The gentlemen of Sigma Pi have established ourselves as leaders on this campus as marked by our accomplishments both within the Greek community and the UW campus. As part of the Greek system there are numerous opportunities to participate in community service, leadership building opportunities, learn social skills and just have fun. Sigma Pi Fraternities diverse brotherhood can be seen taking advantage of these opportunities all around campus. Most recently we placed first in Humorology – one of the largest campus theatrical productions benefiting Camp Heartland. Another philanthropic event we’ve shown ourselves to be leaders in is the Delta Gamma Anchor Splash philanthropy by placing first in it over the past three years. This philanthropy highlights swimming, dancing and vocal talents while raising money for Service for Sight. Most recently we’ve placed first in Greek week- an all Greek campus version of the Fall homecoming. We also host a number of altruistic events throughout the year to raise money for the American Red Cross, our National Fraternity’s Philanthropy. Most notable of those events is “A Night With The Gentlemen”- which is a dinner and show prepared excusively by the members of Sigma Pi for women in the campus area.

Our Ideals

The ideals of Sigma Pi, which constitute the underlying reason for the Fraternity’s rise, development, and continued existence, are plainly set forth in our teachings, and are in essense as follows:

To establish a brotherhood.
To establish and maintain an aristocracy of learning.
To raise the standards of morality and develop character.
To diffuse culture and encourage chivalry.
To promote the spirit of civic righteousness and quicken the national conscience.
It will be observed that these five objects touch upon three different phases of a man’s life: namely, his Contacts, his Concepts, and his Controls.

A Guide to Greek Life

Fraternity affiliation can positively influence retention through graduation. Fraternity affiliation directly impacts campus involvement and overall student satisfaction with college. Fraternity affiliation can positively influence involvement in civic organizations after college. Some stastics compiled by the North-American Interfraternity Conference include:

48% of all US Presidents have been Greek
42% of US Senators are Greek
30% of US Congressmen are Greek
40% of all US Supreme Court Justices have been Greek
30% of Fortune 500 Executives are Greek
And Greeks only make up 3% of the US population.

“One cannot contribute anything to the ideal condition of mind and heart known as Brotherhood, however much you preach, posture, or agree, unless you live it”
~ Faith Baldwin

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