Joining a fraternity will give you a great support system of friends to help make the adjustment to college that much easier. You will have excellent scholastic resources available, as many fraternities provide their members with study groups or help with classes other members have already taken.

You will learn valuable leadership skills and have the chance to practice them as a chapter officer, committee member or possibly even as an officer of the Interfraternity Council, the National Pan Hellenic Council or the Panhellenic Association. You will be encouraged to get involved in a wide variety of campus organizations and student activities, including intramurals, football game day events, Greek Week, and Homecoming.

You will also help others through community service and other philanthropic events. You will also be exposed from business to healthcare career opportunities through interactions with fraternity alumni from across the Midwest and the rest of the United States. Simply put, you will be joining one of the best Greek communities in the country and by far the best in Wisconsin!

The Four Pillars of Greek Excellence

Greek chapters were founded on the ideals of brotherhood and sisterhood. It is often said that in college, friendships are developed that will last a lifetime. Membership in a chapter paves the way toward long lasting friendships. Being Greek provides opportunities to meet a variety of people in diverse settings. Exchanges, theme parties, speakers, programs, retreats, athletic competitions, new member socials, date parties, philanthropies and parents weekends are but a few of the social activities that contribute to Greek unity and campus life.

The quality of academics at UW is first rate. Greek chapters provide a great network of support in regard to scholastic endeavors. Good scholarship is a prerequisite to becoming a member of a chapter. Fraternity members are recognized for their academic achievements. In addition, each year an awards program is held recognizing chapters and their members for outstanding academic records. Chapter members provide support and help through designated library hours, study skill workshops, tutoring groups, study buddies and many other informal programs designed in an effort to support individuals striving to reach their academic potentials. The Greek Community also has an All-Greek honor society, Order of Omega ( to recognize outstanding Greek scholars.

Community Service and Philanthropy
One of the most gratifying aspects of Greek membership is the sense of pride that comes with involvement in community service. Each year the Greek community contributes thousands of dollars and hours of service to philanthropies. Chapters sponsor service projects that support the University, as well as the Madison community. Working on service projects benefits the specific cause, creates a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction and fosters a greater unity among and between chapter members. The ideals of fraternity membership are exemplified through giving of oneself that comes from helping others.

UW Fraternities are dedicated to building future leaders. Greek chapters are self-sufficient organizations that provide a wealth of leadership opportunities for their members. Whether you are on a committee, hold an office in your chapters, on one of the three governing boards, or participate in campus or community events, you can always be involved. Individuals entering the work force often apply the leadership and communication skills gained from their fraternity membership. Members of the Greek community are some of the most active and visible student leaders on our campus. A wide variety of activities and opportunities await anyone willing to take the first step.

What is Fraternity Recruitment?
Fraternity recruitment takes place the first three weeks of the fall and spring semesters. Through a wide variety of events, chapters will share the meaning of their brotherhood. Recruitment is also an opportunity for the chapter members to get to know the potential member and for the potential member to get to know them. It is a relaxed setting for the potential member to meet as many chapters and chapter members as possible and to ask whatever questions the potential member feels pertinent, such as finance, scholarship, activities, housing, and time commitment. Most importantly, the potential member should look for a chapter where he feels comfortable with the men.

Which House is Right For Me?
The only way to know which chapter you feel truly welcome in is to see as many as possible. We encourage potential recruits to visit every chapter, because you never know how much it may appeal to you until you meet the members. Take advantage of the Fraternity Recruitment period and see several chapters, you may find yourself at a fraternity you never thought you’d be at and love it!

How Do I Join After Fraternity Recruitment?
After Fraternity Recruitment is about two-thirds over, chapters will begin to give out “bids”. Bids are an invitation to join a fraternity as a pledge/new member. Once you have signed a bid, you’ve committed to pledging that house, you cannot sign another bid until being released from the first.

What Happens After I Sign My Bid?
Once you have decided on a fraternity, and have signed your bid, you become a pledge/new member of that chapter. Pledging is a period where you will learn about your fraternity’s history and rituals.

What if I Don’t Receive a Bid From the Chapter I Want to Join?
Most likely the brothers of the fraternity don’t know you well enough at that point, and the best solution to this problem is to continue attending recruitment events. Usually bids are given throughout the last week of recruitment. So if yours didn’t come the first night, it will probably be forthcoming. However, this is also a good opportunity to go and check out some other fraternities around campus, and see what they have to offer.

Above all, we want you to have a good time during Fraternity Recruitment, so take advantage of all it has to offer. Remember that joining a fraternity is a big decision; so make sure that you feel comfortable about where you choose to go. All the fraternities on campus have lots to offer, so wherever you end up, we’re sure you’ll have a blast.