Sororities and Fraternities organize a process of meeting people and making friends called “recruitment.” Recruitment is a process that introduces potential members to the Greek community and its and peers, while learning what each sorority and fraternity has to offer. Throughout the process, you will receive help along the way from recruitment guides. They will answer any questions you may have and inform you about each step in the recruitment process.

Each person going through recruitment is treated as an individual, kept informed about the recruitment process, and treated with the utmost respect. This makes certain that each person has a positive, safe, and enriching recruitment and new member experience. Participating in the recruitment process does not require a person to join a chapter, but enables them to explore and learn more about the campus community. Scholarship and academic achievement are priorities for our sorority and fraternity members. Philanthropy, a charitable project sponsored by a Greek chapter or organization, is also promoted, as each chapter has its own local and national philanthropy. The Greek community also hosts many campus-wide events, such as Homecoming, Humorology, and Greek Week. Of course, friendship, sisterhood, and brotherhood are the foundation of each chapter as lifelong friendships are developed.