Chapter name: Delta Gamma
House Address: 103 Langdon Street
Chapter GPA: 3.224
Minimum GPA to pledge-
High School: 3.0
College: 2.0

“Delta Gammas are the girls with their feet on the ground, and their eyes on the stars”

The largest house on campus, Delta Gamma thrives in its tradition as a family of bright, fun-loving, real, passionate and involved young women. Walk in the front door of our house and you’ll feel the difference. You’ll find girls covered from head to toe in red and white, ready to be front and center for the Badger football games, quizzing each other for upcoming exams, celebrating our win at Humorology, cheering on our UW-dance team girls, rolling around on the floor of the annex house hysterically laughing, and planning our annual spring formal on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Around campus you’ll find Delta Gammas directing musicals, organizing all-campus parties, producing TV ads, working at the UW Hospital, even teaching Irish folk dancing. DG is everywhere!

Our philanthropy, “Anchor Splash!” is a Greek wide water competition between fraternities and sororities with greased watermelons, relays, synchronized swimming and tons of fun. Most importantly, all proceeds go to Service for Sight, benefiting the blind. Other philanthropy activities throughout the year include vision screenings for pre-schoolers, caring for seeing-eye dogs, and fundraising for the Wisconsin Federation for the Blind.

One of the first sororities in the nation, Delta Gamma was founded on values of Truth, Friendship, and Honor. Today Delta Gammas across the nation continue to mirror these same ideals, as they live each day as true friends and sisters. Seen on everything from the official Delta Gamma pin to the front yard, Delta Gamma’s beloved symbol is the anchor, the symbol of hope. The Delta Gamma flower is an elegant crème colored rose and the colors are bronze, pink and blue.

Delta Gamma is a diverse house of unique girls on their way to achieving big dreams. With the support of their sisters, these girls see each other through and make this road to success absolutely unforgettable!

“I never thought I would be a sorority girl, but deciding to rush was the second best decision I’ve made here at Madison. During recruitment all of the older girls gave me the same advice: look at the women in the house to see if they are what you want to become. After meeting the girls at DG I finally understood this advice. The girls were excited, funny, genuine, motivated and most importantly, they were completely real. I can’t imagine my freshman year without the amazing girls I’ve met here at DG. I can’t even try to explain how much DG means to me. Without a doubt, joining Delta Gamma was THE BEST decision I’ve made here.”
— Clare Diegel, Pledge Class 2002

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