Chapter GPA: 3.289

On March 25, 1917 seven young women founded Sigma Delta Tau. These women exemplified much self-confidence and commitment, as do all our sisters today. With Sigma Delta Tau, not only was another sorority beginning, but also the lives and futures of thousands of women were beginning as well.

Pledging Sigma Delta Tau gives you the opportunity to form a bond of sisterhood that can never be broken. All our sisters are talented, vibrant, and beautiful young women who have much potential to succeed. In Sigma Delta Tau you will have the chance to participate in many fun and exciting activities. We are active in the Greek System, participating in other sororities and fraternities philanthropies, as well as Homecoming, Greek Week, and Trick or Treat with the Greeks. We also throw a great semi-formal and formal every year for dinner and dancing. We have chapter every week and about one sisterhood event each month. These range from going to see a movie, watching a television show each week, having a date party, or just cooking dinner together. We take pride in recruiting great girls who will soon become great friends and share the bond of sisterhood. Our philanthropy is Broom Hockey which is held every April at the UW ice-rink and raises money for “Prevent Child Abuse America.”

We wear our pins proudly as we hold our flower high. Our flower is the yellow tea rose, our colors are cafe au lait and old blue, and our symbol is the torch. Each year another group of girls has the chance to join our family, a family of sisters all around the country.

In Madison, we do not have a sorority house, but we believe we have something better. Our chapter was given an option to try living without a house and all the girls loved it. Not only has living in apartments made us closer, but also has broken down the age barriers. We spend a lot of time in each other’s apartments and get a chance to spend time with our sisters in a more intimate setting.

As a new member of Sigma Delta Tau you will spend time volunteering with your sisters, mingling with other chapters in the Greek System, and upholding your duties as a member. Some of these duties include chapter and study hours. We maintain a chapter GPA of 2.8 with a minimum GPA of 3.0 to pledge.

Come join the Greek Community and you will see what a great time awaits you. You are guaranteed to meet great friends, have great fun, and be forever changed.